It is vital to access and knock out or contain a fire as soon as possible before it takes hold and spreads causing possible death and property damage.The Vario 10 can be hand held, slung in a hands free backpack, or pulled on a compact trolley or even mounted on motorbikes to ensure rapid access to the fire source. Breathing apparatus can be attached if required. 

Fire fighters first on the scene are not sure what they will encounter-they demand the best technology to protect themselves, property and other persons. In Germany some 75% of fires are extinguished and contained with HNE Fire equipment BEFORE the fire trucks have gained access and rolled out hoses into position.

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Rotating gun nozzle
The rotating barrel provides maximum fire fighting versatility with the twist of a wrist-producing a long range penetrating and precise Jetstream or a gentle wide mist spray as the particular situation dictates.
Simply rotate theVario nozzle by hand from either;
1] long range precision jetstream –clicking into position the long wider gun barrel or
2] wide mist spray curtain setting -by clicking into position the shorter thinner gun barrel
Foam Switch from wet to dry foam-maximum versatility to produce different foams for different fire applications-all from the one CAF unit!
……simply turn switch from”0” position for wet foam [B Class Petrochemical fires ] to”1” position for dry foam [A Class structural fires]

Backpack/trolley/motorbike/BA options
Backpack/trolley/motorbike/BA options

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