The MFU [mobile foam unit]is a powerful rapid response“mini fire truck” which can be mounted onto any vehicle or marine vessel to ensure rapid access to the firesource . Ideal protection for industry, mining, marinas, vessels, defence, airports, forestry and other applications. 

The compact, 190kglightweight unit can be configured with a range of water tanks to suit the particular vehicle and situation. The MFU also has a direct hose connection to mains water or dam or sea water. Ideal for simple installation into utility or pickup trucks and vessels-quickly converting these vehicles into powerful foam or water “fire trucks”. 

The MFU is highly adaptable with a 26 meter high pressure jet stream range, a fog and mist spray nozzle settling, a variable foam dosing rate and adjustment of discharge rates from 80 to 120litres per minute. It also has an aspirator that can quickly be attached which produces high expansion foam.

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The MFU can also be customised and equipped with a heavier diesel engine

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