Health Club Defibrillator

More than just a Defibrillator!

Live CPR Feedback based on real-time blood flow.


It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere

Have you considered your duty of care for your members? Sudden Cardiac Arrest can occur during increased physical activity. Are you prepared? Do you have a defibrillator? It may be too late to wait for an ambulance.

HeartSine have just the product for you, with low consumable costs over the life of the device.

  • As many as 1 in 500 people may suffer from cardiac myopathies in which the heart muscle is unusually thick. This often undetected condition can lead to SCA and can be precipitated by exercise.
  • Commotio Cordis is a condition in which the heart suddenly stops beating effectively following a relatively low velocity impact with a blunt object to the chest. The impact can be in the form of a rugby ball, football, hockey ball, knee or shoulder. In the USA it has been documented as being the second most common cause of SCA in school age athletes.
  • 70% of all SCA's are thought to be due to Coronary Heart Disease. This may be asymptomatic until the attack and is often precipitated by exercise.

In 2010 more than 100 Fitness Centres in the UK invested in the safety of their members by installing a HeartSine AED Defibrillators.

Our overall package with economical wall cabinet options and other accessories, backed up with a 8 year warranty

on the AED means you can’t go wrong with HeartSine.

Facts and figures

  • more than 80% of all cardiac deaths happen at home, in your spare time or at work.
  • In the UK nearly 100,000 people die of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) a year.
  • You are more likely to die of SCA than of Cancer
  • You are most likely to die of SCA outside an area of medical help
  • SCA strikes suddenly and time is of the essence
  • Every minute of delay reduces chance of survival by 10% - after 10 minutes it’s all over
  • Statistics show the average ambulance response time is above 12 minutes
  • Without effective CPR & defibrillation you have about 4 minutes before risk of irreversible damage or death
  • If there was a vaccine developed that was effective against  cancer, would you not buy it? Defibrillation and CPR is the only effective treatment for SCA
  • Do you have a fire extinguisher in your house or workplace? Nearly 100,000 people in the UK die from SCA each year - you are more likely to die of SCA than in a fire

Principle of defibrillation

The only solution is defibrillation. The device delivers a therapeutic shock to the heart which restores normal rhythm