Defibrillator Technology

There is nothing like the HeartSine Samaritan 500P Public Access Defibrillator.

The new 500P offers a Technology Breakthrough. The 500P Defibrillator is absolutely unique. It has a CPR advisor function - with one big difference to any other product out there. We are serious.

The patented ICG technology has been correlated to a host of physiological parameters that have been recorded and tested during actual CPR of real cardiac arrest victims, in order to provide the lay rescuer with the simple feedback to push just the right amount to maintain good CPR. And that is specific to the victim. If you need the medical papers to back this up - we have them.

This greatly increases the chance of saving a life, not to mention reducing the risk of broken ribs or other intrathoracic damage which cause unnecessary complications in recovery.

The new European Resuscitation Council guidelines recommends the use of prompt feedback devices to improve the quality of CPR.

So, unlike other models that rely on simply how hard you are pushing to hopefully guide you as to the effectiveness of your CPR, this new defibrillator technology does not rely on any guesswork at all. It is literally determining how effective you are doing CPR, by measuring impedance changes which correlates to a number of vital signs including End Tidal CO2, which is used to measure CPR efficacy.

As 70% of all CPR is inadequately performed, this is a real lifesaver. More so in the event of a non-shockable rhythm when all you can do is CPR.

And the good thing about ICG is it is effective regardless of the patient’s size, or fat layer. It takes all of that into account.

When you consider that about half of the time an AED will determine that “no shock is advised” it makes a lot of sense to have real CPR help on an AED, so that it can be a life saver all the time, not just half the time.

The new 500P Defibrillator. Go for your life with this defibrillator!

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