Brayden - The First Manikin That Helps You Visualise the Effects of CPR

Thursday, January 05, 2017
Image of a Brayden Manikin with red signal lights illuminated to represent the flow of blood.

Brayden have manufactured “the first manikin that helps you visualise the effects of CPR.” It builds confidence, promotes understanding and aids knowledge retention.

Furthermore, Aero Healthcare are pleased to announce that we are now a licensed distributor of Brayden manikins and have them in stock ready to help people of all ages to learn and improve their CPR skills.

What’s so special about the Brayden Manikin?

Three interrelated sets of LED lights give real time feedback of CPR performance & function:*

1. Chest Compression Indicating Lights - These illuminate to represent the volume of blood being circulated by the chest compressions. This volume depends on the depth of compressions. These will only fully light when the depth of compressions is over 5cm.
2. Blood Circulation Indicating Lights - These illuminate to represent the flow of the blood from the heart to the brain. The speed of the blood flow shown varies according to the depth and speed of the compressions. These will only fully light once the rate of compressions is over 100 per minute.
3. CPR Quality Indicating Light - This illuminates to represent that blood is reaching the brain. This will only fully light when the depth and speed of compressions are correct.

The manikin will either illuminate fully or partially depending on the depth and rate of the person’s CPR compressions. If the compressions are good, the entire manikin will light up highlighting the vital areas. If the compressions aren’t effective, the lights will only partially light up, encouraging harder or deeper compressions.

Some of the key features:

- Oral and nasal passages which allow realistic nose pinch
- Head tilt and chin lift for opening airway
- Audible feedback reinforces correct compression depth (Clicker ON/OFF)
- 6 set of alkaline batteries can power 160,000 compressions. AC supply optional
- Highly realistic chest movement with correct ventilations
- Anatomically correct. Harmless, latex-free skin. Easy AED training pad removal. RoHS & REACH compliant
- Air vent reduces the risk of cross contamination. Air from Brayden’s disposable lungs exits through the back of his head. This means students never come in to contact with exhaled air.

With the launch of the Brayden Manikin to our product portfolio it expands our already extensive Basic Life Saving (BLS) range and gives you (the user) everything you need to train so that you are ready to save a life, in real-life.

Aero Healthcare AUS already distribute Brayden manikins and we are proud to be following suit.

View the full Brayden range here
*Brayden uses advanced built-in sensors to detect and analyse the effectiveness of CPR. These sensors are set to a default value to detect compressions in line with current (2010) CPR guidelines.